Throw stones to level up

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2 min readMar 21, 2021


Crowing for growth

Has any narrative ever influenced you? Has it ever empowered you to overcome situations where limits were almost impossible to cross? As if some strange thoughts blocked your vision and made you helpless, but boom, you listened to a narrative, and you have your next move ready?

If yes, congrats; you are one in a million who looks out for solutions everywhere. Not many have it in their personas.

Limits are nothing but only the boundaries we set. And the strange fact is, you can select one to anything; to yourself, to others, and to your perspective.

But the unique reality is, even a small change in perspective can alter the entire narrative. That reminds me of a story that covers the complete essence of this rendition.

A story that roughly dates back to 200 BC. A time when technology was nowhere (true or false?) but “intellect” was prevailing. The essential ingredient of human existence was wrapped up excellently with some superb narrations structured so convincingly that it holds its essence even today and passed from generations.

That’s how we got the stories of Panchatantra.

We all know the story of the thirsty crow wandering in search of water. What we don’t remember is the story of a ladybug who interrupted the crow’s quest in an unpleasing manner.

The ladybug was native to the courtyard where the crow landed in search of water. He got the sight of the pitcher having a water level so low that he could not have made it.

But here, the magic unfolds. The ladybug outrightly passed the judgment for the crow letting him know he can’t get through. She was right, though, but it’s the perspective that helped crow changed the entire story. Ladybug’s judgment may have rolled up the required inertia for the crow to excel.

There’s a ladybug inside every one of us or, may be around us. These ladybugs can overpower us at work too, or at life, or can play with our emotions.

This goes true for every situation of life, business, relationships, and everything in between.

Behold your typical sight for branding narration. They can help you focus on solutions rather than on problems. So next time when life seems like a pitcher with a shallow water level, you have the stones to level up!



Way People Say

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