Not so Knotty

Knotty problems. Simple solutions.

Life unfolds around us in so many ways. So do problems. Sometimes minor, sometimes major, and rest of the times, not so knotty.

We all have been there at least once in our lives. We get so much entangled in a problem that we forget to look at a solution that lies somewhere else. Probably in the opposite direction.

Blame it on our focus or human psychology; we keep contemplating problems rather than thinking about solutions. We easily believe the things said to us rather than finding out answers. But once you realize you have only one way out, you possibly do everything to Unknot the Knot.

That’s what our protagonist did when left with nothing but a futile piece of land. Futile, because he was told so. He never did try to figure out if the land actually is barren or not, until a Sage unknot his only livelihood resource.

Care to find what happened next? Let’s roll!

The incident takes us back to when farmers were paid due respect and, of course, their wages. But our protagonist, Rama, was hardly able to make ends meet by selling milk from his only cow. However, Rama owned a hefty amount of land but all barren, as he was told.

The other day he was visited by a Sage with one of his disciples. They both were surprised to notice acres of land kept unattended and to acknowledge that it is futile.

After the greetings, Rama complained to the Sage that his life was miserable and that he didn’t know how he would make it right. He was tired of struggling all the time. He didn’t know what to do for a comfortable living. It seemed as if he had failed.

The Sage then advised that Rama should at least once try his luck with the land. But Rama was reluctant to do so, rather liked his idea to sell off milk for whatever he gets.

Isn’t Rama like many of us? Thinking only about the problem and never about the solution?

The next day, the Sage, along with his disciple, got ready early morning. While leaving the house, he unknotted the cow’s rope and set her free. The disciple could not believe that his master has untied Rama’s only source of income! He was not confident enough to ask his master why he did so.

A year passed, and the Sage, along with his disciple, revisited Rama. They were again surprised to notice rice paddies in the entire barren land.

The disciple then got to know it was essential to set the cow free, because sometimes the knot you feel is your only security is probably the only Stumbling Block to grow further!




We all need stories. Here’re few from the global repertoire, served fresh for you to use within your space, at your pace, whenever and wherever.

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The Way People Say

We all need stories. Here’re few from the global repertoire, served fresh for you to use within your space, at your pace, whenever and wherever.

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