I was seated on the first floor at CCD editing my film. The noise upstairs is always within acceptable decibles. Hence I prefer the top end corner. Although the WiFi doesn’t reach that far, I manage it from my phone hotspot itself. Always. Project deadlines were stringent and my Macbook was reluctant to respond my way. Irritation was brewing but there was hardly anything I could do… Unfortunately, I didn’t have Tim Cook’s coordinates! I still don’t have it.

I was still struggling with my old horse when two (robust) gentlemen walked in and occupied the sofa. They sunk inside…

I am a business storyteller. And as you can guess, I guide people and corporates in discovering and crafting stories that make business alive. But imagine what happens when a storyteller loses the plot and gets caught in a serious conflict.

For all these years I convinced myself to believe that I am a back-end guy, who plots. Sounds like The Chanakya, isn’t it? However, as a protocol, I would surface right at the beginning of a pitch when my job was to set the context of our version of any campaign, narrate the concept and take clients on a…

The thing with life is it never happens our way; instead feels difficult at times. With life, negative emotions come naturally. But coming out positive is a choice we all need to make.

The true wisdom lies in reacting according to any situation. This is what a Chef father (Jacob) told her daughter (Enola), who always complained about life.

But the daughter was not ready to gulp father’s heavy dose of wisdom until Jacob demonstrated how she could choose to bring out her best irrespective of any situation.

This narration does offer a great life lesson. Let’s Unlock!

Enola had…

Why do we live?

There are many answers to that question. ‘To realise a purpose’ is a common yet insightful answer to the existential question. What if we are loaded with problems and cannot materialise this purpose? You may either live it against all odds or leave it in search of better, greener pastures. There is nobility in both paths, though the first one demands the fighter in you to get up and get going.

The cobra and the crows is a story that pops into mind as we mull on this topic. There are two types of crows in…

Human instinct works alike for everyone. We do have certain reactions while amidst a never-been-before situation. And affairs like these ask for our intellect. It’s crucial also to hold on to our immediate reaction because value once lost is hard to regain!

Something similar happened to Emperor Akbar once. Not in the court but in front of Birbal, inside the palace. What the emperor did afterward paves for a beautiful narration.

Care for the complete narrative? Let’s walk together!

Once, the emperor received a rare perfume as a gift. …

Haven’t we heard toxic people discouraging us? But even good people can discourage us with their good intentions. It is impossible not to listen to the multitude of opinions and noisy comments from the people around. But active listening will help us separate the chaff from the grain.

Active listening includes the right analysis and understanding the intention of the speaker. If the analysis is right, it is easier to take what is needed and chuck what is unworthy. Our failure to understand the focus of the speaker can land us in trouble. …

Knotty problems. Simple solutions.

Life unfolds around us in so many ways. So do problems. Sometimes minor, sometimes major, and rest of the times, not so knotty.

We all have been there at least once in our lives. We get so much entangled in a problem that we forget to look at a solution that lies somewhere else. Probably in the opposite direction.

Blame it on our focus or human psychology; we keep contemplating problems rather than thinking about solutions. We easily believe the things said to us rather than finding out answers. …

Crowing for growth

Has any narrative ever influenced you? Has it ever empowered you to overcome situations where limits were almost impossible to cross? As if some strange thoughts blocked your vision and made you helpless, but boom, you listened to a narrative, and you have your next move ready?

If yes, congrats; you are one in a million who looks out for solutions everywhere. Not many have it in their personas.

Limits are nothing but only the boundaries we set. And the strange fact is, you can select one to anything; to yourself, to others, and to your perspective.

But the unique…

The Way People Say

We all need stories. Here’re few from the global repertoire, served fresh for you to use within your space, at your pace, whenever and wherever.

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